2:39 FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Chelsea’s win against Crystal Palace in the Premier League.

«So it’s good to know that you are going to play with some of the players from before.

«I said from the start that I made the right decision to stay at Chelsea. I’ve been there all my life. I’ve loved the club from day one.»

‘Lampard hard on me, but no issue with fines’

Lampard appears to have a no-nonsense approach to coaching, after a list of club fines emerged on social media on Monday.

The club have not confirmed the list’s legitimacy but Hudson-Odoi says his boss is strict when necessary.

«To be fair, we have a couple of fines where it’s pretty strict and we have to stick by it,» he said.

«But even if there weren’t fines, we would still be on point. All of us are very on time with everything that we do.

«We’re very positive about everything we do. If there is a fine, we will pay it.

«For the fines, we don’t really look into it because we are always on time for what we do so it’s okay. It’s there but we’re all good about it.

«He is hard on me but it’s in a good way because he wants me to improve and keep getting better.

«When the manager is telling me stuff, I always want to listen and improve my game because I’m not there yet. I know I can always get better and keep getting better.»

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