In an effort to pry students away from their smartphones, officials in the Indonesian city of Bandung will be handing out 2,000 four-day-old chicks to students enrolled at local elementary and junior high schools over the next few weeks in a project dubbed “chickenization.”

The children will have to feed their pets before and after school, AFP reported. Students can also leave their pet chicks at school if they don’t have any space for them in their homes. 

According to Bandung Mayor Oded Muhammad Danial, the project isn’t just about changing students’ phone habits; it is part of Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s plan to broaden the scope of children’s education.

«There is an aspect of discipline here,» Danial is quoted as saying by AFP.

«It’s more beneficial for them to take care of chicks than play with smartphones,» she said.

However, Rabil begged to differ. «It’s more interesting playing with a smartphone,» he said, AFP reported.


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