After more than a decade of lingering silence that has tormented fans of the Half-Life series, video game developer Valve has introduced a gripping new episode of the engrossing sci-fi adventure in the capital of a postapocalyptic world: legendary City 17.

The new part of the legendary first-person shooter (FPS) is dubbed ‘Half-Life: Alyx’ and will be available only in VR (virtual reality) mode. The Valve team vows that the game will be available in stores by March 2020, while pre-order purchases are already available online.

​It remains unclear, however, whether another main character, the icon of Half-Life — Doctor Gordon Freeman — will be present in the new episode. The developers have not hinted any clues about a possible Freeman emergence in ‘Half-Life: Alyx’.

«So back in 2016 we shipped ‘the Lab’, and we started doing experiments on what other things we can do with this», Walker recalled.

Another leading Valve game designer, Dario Casali, said during the interview that though the VR market is still only emerging, there was an idea first «to deliver a version with a mouse and a keyboard», but «the more we used the controllers and the headset we realized the amount of interactions this [VR] gives, the amount of possibilities these things give us, the more we explored it and the more we realized that there is so much opportunity that we can’t really translate back to the keyboard». 


Walker said that VR became the so-called «tent pole» that «we could wrap everything around».

Valve has not, however, hinted at plans about a much-anticipated Half-Life 3 — announced for release over a decade ago but then abruptly canceled — nor has the company revealed whether all of the next episodes within the Half-Life series will be in VR mode.


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